Travelling to Egypt

If you are thinking about visiting Egypt then you will find this Egypt travel infographic from a website called Wandershare very useful. The infographic starts off by showing things you will need and then there is a map showing places you should visit as well as information about the best time to go, how much … Continue reading Travelling to Egypt

Digital Media in Egypt (Infographic)

Here we have another great infographic for you that we found on the Behance website that is packed with interesting statistics about digital media in Egypt. Learn about the number of internet users in Egypt, the number of Facebook users in Egypt, the number of Google searches in Egypt and plenty more by checking out … Continue reading Digital Media in Egypt (Infographic)

50 Insane Facts About Egypt

Here we have a fantastic infographic from the UK based travel website Holiday Gems offering fifty interesting facts about Egypt to brighten up your day. The infographic is broken down into sections including about the country, the geography, the people, some history, ancient Egypt and achievements. We hope that you enjoy this Egypt facts infographic … Continue reading 50 Insane Facts About Egypt