We are willing to provide legal services on a consultancy basis or by taking responsibility for a specific project. We are also happy to cooperate with our clients’ other advisers, from in-house lawyers to auditors and financial advisers since we are aware that such cooperation is often necessary and beneficial to our clients.

Our fees are determined on the basis of hourly rates that reflect the complexity and demand of a particular project, as well as our experience with similar projects and seniority of the attorneys involved.

We are flexible in determining our fees and are ready to work under a capped fee arrangement on projects, where a reliable estimate can be made. We tend to discuss  fees arrangements in more detail when we have more information about our client’s needs and the ways in which we can assist them.

We are proud to implement the following standards in the work that we do:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality, honesty and good judgment in the services that we render.
  • Technical compliance
  • Constant dedication.
  • Assistance in finding the most accurate solutions.
  • Keeping our clients well informed at all times.
  • Taking our client’s comments into consideration.
  • Transparency & accuracy when issuing bills.
  • Regular internal training for our work team.