Maher Iskander



  • Reviewing and executing all aspects of merger & acquisition transactions including: drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, drafting and reviewing non-compete agreements, conducting legal due diligence and coordinating with other relevant specialists.
  • Negotiating, drafting and executing commercial contracts.
  • Advising and representing clients before court –including the supreme courts- in commercial disputes and economic disputes such as bribery, corruption and embezzlement crimes, information technology crimes, commercial fraud and illegitimate competition.


  • Bankruptcy & its effects.
  • Bankruptcy crimes in Egyptian Trade Law.
  • Commercial Sale Provisions.
  • Money Utilization Crimes in Egyptian Law.
  • Public Hearings in Egyptian Law.
  • Principle of Judicial Neutrality in Egyptian Law.
  • Crimes of Bribery and Breaching Employment Duties.
  • Criminal Defense & its Correlation to Public Order.
  • Imitation of Trademarks in Egyptian Law (Crime & Punishment).
  • Arbitration Clause in Contracts &its Effects.


  • Egyptian bar Association.
  • International bar Association.
  • Arab Lawyers Union.
  • Egyptian Law Organization.
  • British Egyptian Business Association.
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.
  • German-Arab chamber of Industry & Commerce.

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