• Commercial Litigation
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Financial Crimes
  • Banking & Finance
  • Tax
  • Corporate
  • Employment and Labor
Commercial Litigation

Resorting to courts is not our aim in every lawsuit. We first seek to manage the dispute and resolve the issues rapidly and through the most appropriate means.

However, when the matter requires resorting to litigation, we invoke our vast practical experiences before courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court.

Commercial litigation has been the bedrock of our firm’s legal practice since the firm’s founding. Our breadth and depth of experience is unparalleled expertise. we have become the first choice for many clients because our practice is led by the Partners who are considered from the top legal consultants in Egypt.  We have successfully handled thousands of cases for clients engaged in major business disputes related to anti-trust, corporate governance, insurance coverage disputes, taxation, commercial and construction contracts disputes, franchises and dealerships and libel, patents and illegitimate competition.

We are well-equipped to handle the most difficult and complex commercial matters… Years of experience have taught us what to expect and how to achieve results… We never lose sight of the needs of our clients we are representing, whether they are large corporations or a smaller enterprises.

Intellectual Property (IP)

We provide accurate answers to tasking intellectual property inquiries that require highly qualified attorneys. Our attorneys regularly represent plaintiffs and defendants before courts in Egypt in cases of patent, copyright and trademark infringements, industrial designs, products and in cases of illegitimate competition and trade-secrets.

For our clients outside Egypt, we can suggest trusted local firms, since our firm has established relationships with IP attorneys worldwide who share our values in technical excellence.

Our clients always have confidence in our ability of choosing the best.


Financial Crimes

Economic Crime is a broad category of criminal charges referring to taking possession of money or other items of value that do not belong to you. Economic crimes include various forms of fraud, computer crimes related to the internet (mail fraud), crimes of tax evasion, money laundering, and as well as embezzlement, forgery and bribery. Economic crimes extend to include crimes that fall on corporate business such as information technology crimes, use of trademark crimes, commercial counterfeiting crimes and environmental crimes.

All of these charges can become extremely complicated & requires a different set of skills, the full understanding from the attorney’s side to the tough situations people can find themselves in and a fierce advocate in all phases of justice process.


Whatever the nature of the dispute or issue, our Firm’s Attorneys are experienced across financial crimes;  as we have an exceptional track record of working with corporate, banks and individuals.  All have benefited from our straight-forward, sensible and seasoned advice in times of stress and anxiety.

And we have achieved spectacular results in many of the major issues related to these crimes thanks to the great efforts of our Attorneys.

Banking & Finance

As the world markets continue to be volatile and unpredictable, our clients look to our Banking & Finance Attorneys to help them navigate restricted channels of credit and challenging new regulations.

We work with financial institutions, as well as borrowers, lessees, and other capital users, to analyze potential risks and develop both short- and long-term plans in this uncertain environment.

In addition to our lending and borrowing representations to clients, we also continue to advise clients in acquisition financing, asset based lending, cross-border investments and both new and established financial structures and transactions.


Our Firm is a leading law firm in domestic tax law. We provide our services through highly qualified specialists in:

  • Providing tax consultations in foundation of new companies;
  • Determining the due tax, structuring and optimizing tax in mergers and acquisitions operations;
  • Representing clients before tax authorities in proceedings such as auditing, negotiations and objections;
  • Representing clients before national courts of various instances against any tax assessment using knowledge, efficiency and creativity;
  • Tax auditing; and
  • Personal training in tax related issues.



We provide advice to commercial companies in all industrial sectors and provide flexible support for day-to-day business needs. Our firm thoroughly believes that excellent legal guidance is half the solution of commercial disputes.

Our team is particularly trained for matters related to contract drafting and negotiation in the following areas:


  • M&A (Merger and Acquisition);
  • Agency/ Distributors/ Franchise Agreements;
  • Commercial Contracts;
  • Due-Diligence Reports; and
  • Tax Planning.

Moreover, our attorneys provide advice to local and foreign corporations & start-up companies engaging in corporate activities such as:

  • Setting up companies and providing the technical advice to the board;
  • Drafting shareholder agreements;
  • Company governance;
  • Sale of shares;
  • Drafting sale and purchase agreements;
  • Capital increase; and
  • Structuring of companies.
Employment and Labor

Our law firm provides advice and legal services to help corporations of all types and sizes in the following matters:

  • Employment agreements (including non-compete clauses).
  • Employment termination.
  • Review of employment policies and employment manuals.

We frequently resort to negotiation and mediation as we believe that these methods can solve problems in a cost-effective manner.

However, if these methods of alternative dispute resolution fail to resolve the issue at hand, we are able to assertively put our experience into practice and use our knowledge of the law to provide high quality and cost effective solutions.